Girls in ICT Days – Activities in Pristina by DigiWomen Cluster

On the occasion of the International Day of Girls in ICT, the Municipality of Pristina, in partnership with 16 organizations that contribute to the promotion and empowerment of girls and women in ICT, organized the #VAJZATNETIK22 campaign. This event took place on April 26-28, turning the “International Day of Girls in ICT” into the “Days of Girls in ICT”. This initiative will continue to be organized every year, with more activities and partner organizations.

DigiWomen Cluster Kosovo, which operates under the umbrella of STIKK, is one of the main partners of this campaign. Throughout the duration of the campaign, DigiWomen Cluster held discussions, trainings and information sessions with girls from primary and secondary schools in Pristina.

Aiming to create a more favorable environment for the development of ICT with the inclusion of women, DigiWomen Cluster Kosova (DWCK) determined the scope of the problem of engaging girls in the ICT sector, proposed solutions, communicated and promoted them by creating opportunities for networking, motivation and reducing the gender gap. In this line, the following activities were carried out.

Members of DigiWomen Cluster Kosovo participated in the opening of the campaign with a panel discussion “Past, present and future of technology”. The Executive Director of STIKK, Vjollca Çavolli, made an overview of the development of the ICT sector over the last 30 years, where she underlined that despite the obstacles, the number of women entrepreneurs in this sector has increased, also developing the quality of products and businesses.

The entrepreneur and co-founder of Starlabs and the Digital School, Hana Qerimi talked about her experience as a woman in the ICT sector and also about the potential that the sector offers to young men and women in Kosovo.

The opening ceremony of the activities was joined by the mayor of the Municipality of Pristina, Përparim Rama and the vice-mayor Donjeta Sahatçiu, who is also a member of the DigiWomen Cluster.